Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Spring, Er, Late Summer Cleaning

It may be that Spring is the time for cleaning, but apparently I never got that memo.

It's just that this right now is the time of year that makes most logical sense for me to do a deep clean, due to various factors. The floors have been scrubbed, swept, vacuumed, and all closets sifted through. It was mainly my room and desk area that I focused on today, not so much in cleaning but organizing. Over time, one comes to realize one does not need certain things one has stashed away--and one must force oneself to throw them out.

I also came to realize (or re-realize, as the case may be) that I keep many boxes, piles of scrap paper I wouldn't be able to get through in a year even if I doodled all day (and I rarely doodle), and books galore. You see, I've also been doing a bit of redecorating, in which I have been spreading my books all around the apartment. There are books filling the entire bottom section of the sideboard in the living room, books filling the two bottom shelves of a painted metal shelf in the hall, books standing in two corners of the living room, books under my desk, and six and a half stacks of books beside my desk.

Why so many books? Why? Am I just insane? But while another person might like to collect dangly bracelets or china figurines, I find that books look irresistible hanging around my dwelling. And you know something else? I think I have finally achieved my post-reading-only-classics-and-historical-fiction-days goal of having a varied book collection. True, there aren't too many modern mysteries or thrillers, but I still have Tolkien, the Brontes, Kaleb Nation, Stephenie Meyer, Sir Walter Scott, J.K. Rowling, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Laura Wiess, Gayle Forman, Wilkie Collins, Daniel Defoe, Charles Dickens, Liz Curtis Higgs, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and dozens more.

Now excuse me while I go on Amazon and add a couple of titles to my Wish List.

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