Friday, August 24, 2012

Flyleaf's "New Horizons"

I often can't quite describe what it is I like about Flyleaf: it's their tone that I like, and I can't further define it.

So while their new single has some people commenting about their new, slightly more pop sound, I can't say I would have made as much of an issue out of it without hearing this commentary. "New Horizons," whatever slight musical differences to previous works it may have, is still consistent with the Flyleaf repertoire. The song won me over about as soon as I pressed "play."

It may be that some of the lyrics speak exactly to what I was lightly complaining/worrying about yesterday. "New Horizons" speaks to worry, stress, desperation, and the need to look forward to something greater and to still choose to continue along the path you know is right. It's about temporality and eternity; accepting and deciding.

One question: does this mean there is a third album coming out soon? I remember when Memento Mori came out when I was just a college freshman . . .

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