Thursday, August 9, 2012

Get Connor & Chief Lester

TV shows all have their sets of character dynamics; there are the smart characters, the good-looking characters, the talkative characters, the action characters, the comedic relief characters. With a good show, it simplifies things too much to fit everyone into these near categorizations, but they are still there.

I've been watching a little Get Smart lately, and naturally my post-Primeval-ness has managed to find a parallel. Compare Max to Connor, specifically concerning the Max/Chief relationship and the Connor/Lester one. The Chief is always complaining of headaches when Max is around, always rolling his eyes at his way of doing things. And Lester, of course, can't stand Connor--he only occasionally takes pity on him, keeps him around because he's smart, and maybe improves a bit after thinking Connor was probably dead for a year.

That's the thing about both of these characters: they seem so inept, but somehow manage to get the job done. Max appears awkward, blundering, forgetful, but he always disarms KAOS's plans. Connor is childish and initially cowardly, but he invents machine after machine and becomes the person who best understands the anomalies. They're both invaluable, but not what their bosses consider "elite operatives" (though Lester does profess Connor is such in 5.2).

And, of course, they both get the girl (Abby and 99).

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