Friday, January 18, 2013

Food of Middle Earth

As long as I'm on the topic of food, let me share some silliness. The time before last that I was at Whole Foods, I bought some sort of tomato sauce/pasta sauce base and this last time, I bought a loaf of rustic bread. They look innocent enough, right?

But on closer look, you'll see why I chose this tomato product:

That's right, Middle Earth! Goodness, how silly--though I'm sure they didn't have Tolkien's Middle Earth in mind, but still. The odder thing was that I didn't notice that the bread was ridiculous, too, until I brought it home. Mediterra? If you didn't know before how to translate that, it should be obvious now. I think intuition must have led me to this bread, though I didn't notice its name at the store (I was too busy looking at the ingredients list and the city it was from . . .).

Oh, wacky Tolkienians who see his world even in their food.

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