Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Harken Release Party Livestream

It is now the middle of the week--have you made plans for Saturday night yet? No? Well, I have an idea for you.

As I have been reporting, Kaleb Nation's newest book, Harken, is coming out (in Kindle edition only for now--which means it's only $2.99) in just a few days. Given that it's an ebook, we can all conveniently go and get it right at midnight. So to keep us in entertained suspense until then, Kaleb Nation is hosting a livestream starting at 8 PM PT on Saturday the 12th.

And viewers will have the chance to win prizes: a book poster, wristband, autograph, etc. To be counted toward winning, RSVP for the livestream here. Less than four more days.

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