Thursday, January 31, 2013

January Favorites

1) Poetic License Green Shoes - I couldn't help getting these from Mod Cloth--I really couldn't. It's just that I've never felt part of the "women love shoes" thing because I've never found a pair of shoes I loved like these. When they arrived in the mail and I put them on, it felt like they were growing from my feet (no, not like some green mold). Green leather shoes to go with my green leather satchel (oh, and my two pairs of green tights and my green headphones and my green perfume bottle and my green-painted bedroom and my green pasta strainer and my green drinking glasses and I'd better stop while I'm ahead). They're beautiful, and they're fairly comfortable as far as heels go. I'm not always good at walking in heels, but these are fine for me. They have a slight vintage, a slight nerdy fashion, a slight girliness, and a slight Lemony Snicket look.

2) World Market Tea Cup/Infuser - Finally, I got an alternative to a metal tea infuser. This cup from World Market has its own porcelain infuser that allows the tea to infuse throughout the whole space--it brews perfectly. Yes, I usually end up with some tea leaves at the bottom, but what's actually wrong with that?

3) Blue Lace Chelsea & Violet Dress - This was a Christmas present. The dress is just above the knee, in a fairly straight shape that isn't too tight but also not quite 1920's loose. I wore it out with my green shoes. Underneath the blue lace is a light, slightly electric green that adds a fun, colorful vibe.

4) Creamed Honey - This honey gives all the extra flavor that raw honeys do without having that thick texture. I've been spreading it all over toast and scones and adding it to oatmeal.

5) Brontë Poems - I don't want to take this book back to the school library; I really don't. I've been reading a little a day to make it last longer, but it's as much the idea of this (out of print) book that I so much like. I wish it were actually mine.

6) Trader Joe's Steel Cut Oatmeal - I think I've mentioned that I have an on/off relationship with oatmeal, where I have to give it a break often otherwise I stop liking it. But the steel cut type is much more interesting; it's almost crunchy (though I'm not sure if that sounds appetizing) in texture, so it's more entertaining to eat. I find I can eat it more often than regular oatmeal.

7) Purple Tie-Dye Scarf - This was one of those items where someone let me have it, if I wanted it. I wasn't sure about the color, but I took it in the hopes that I could do something with it. Turns out, it makes a nice accent to outfits, a pop of color, as it were. The material is a light silk, so it isn't a heavy, cold weather style.

8) The Annotated Secret Garden - I was ogling over this book at Barnes & Noble months ago, then when I finally was ready to buy it they were out. So I absolutely couldn't pass it up when I saw it again--come on, it was $10 in the Bargain Books section. That's giveaway for an annotated book. And Frances Hodgson Burnett is fabulous.

9) Caudalie Divine Oil - Back during the holiday time, I picked this up at Sephora, thinking to give it as a gift. But then I lifted the cap and smelled it when I got home--I thought it smelled "old lady," if you'll forgive the phrase. So I decided I couldn't give it as a gift and kept it instead. It says it's for face and hair; I haven't used it on my face since I'm happy with my Thayer's witch hazel/rose petal toner and my raw shea butter (seriously, it's like miracle cream). But I like to put it on my hair sometimes at night when I feel like my scalp is getting dry with the colder weather; it's nice. And originally I bought it for the bottle, which I still think is pretty. Though you can't see it well in the picture.

10) Life Factory Glass Water Bottle - This is amazing, exactly what I had been looking for for a long time. I carry a water bottle around everywhere and I was getting frustrated by the fact that even in the "hippie" stores the best I could find were BPA/etc.-free metal and plastic bottles. That's not good enough. This bottle is glass with a silicone cover to make it look cool and keep it from breaking. I picked out the Tiffany blue color for a classic, versatile look. Previously, I was using a glass Tazo tea bottle--but glass nicks easily. I've only had this bottle since yesterday and already I am in love. This is the 16 oz. and I'm thinking about also getting the 9 oz. (there are also a 24 oz. and baby bottles).

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