Friday, February 1, 2013

To View the Monitor

Hey, it's happy Valentine's month February and the release of the next Keychain Productions short film all in one. Not that it's a very Valentine's film . . .

The long-awaited Monitor appears not on YouTube as usual, but on Distrify--where I was surprised to find that, for once, I had to pay to see a Keychain film. About $10 to rent a 13 minute video, too. I found myself glad that when I was at the mall this morning to buy (Aveda) shampoo, I didn't also buy a pair of leggings I saw (naturally, I had to go into a couple of stores to at least browse, if not buy anything)--so I went ahead and paid the rental fee. Not that I mind giving to Keychain, anyway. (Although I wouldn't mind if it were on iTunes instead so I could just buy it and download it.) You can see the trailer below; to watch the film, either go to or watch the trailer on YouTube and click on the link in the description box.

Monitor goes back to Keychain's Blood on Benefits feel, but with color imagery not so unlike Little Lilly. Horror isn't so much my genre, but one of the things I really enjoyed in this film (and Keychain in general) was the use of color. Colors aren't coincidental and they help to tell the story. The second time I watched, I also kept reading extra things into the story--I'm not even sure whether or not I was going overboard. The childishness or disobeying rules leads to literal reintegration into a nursery, the eating of an apple echoes Eve's inability to resist and therefore the concept of curiosity, etc. The thing I'm pausing on is the color green. Doesn't it generally stand for nature, fertility, life, and such? That might tie in with the nursery idea, but I'm not sure.

I'm also intrigued by this idea of a monitor. While horror often uses the concept of being watched, this film shows watching instead. Is it the danger of what you can see or perhaps of what you see that you aren't cautious enough about? Because like many horror victims, our heroine appears in some ways innocent but also to have been capable to preventing her fate.

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