Thursday, February 28, 2013

February Favorites

1) Black/Felt Shirt - There is a wonderful shop called My Sister's Closet (actually, they have multiple locations, but I only go to one). They sell "recycled designer apparel." I don't need Gucci or Prada, but some of the "lesser" brands like Free People or Anthropologie labels are very affordable here. This particular shirt, because it is a very thin material, had its tags cut off so I don't know the brand. But it's unique, isn't it? The black gives it a basic look, but the felt gives a twist of character. I wore it with dark purple pants and my cameo for an edgy/vintage look.

2) Glass Truffles - When I first saw these (at The Hummingbird House in Sedona), I thought they were so expensive that I would never be able to get them. But that miniature job I got last year meant that I had a bit of money available, so I quickly purchased one. And this weekend, I got to choose three more as a gift. Now I have a set and I'm absolutely thrilled. I'm displaying them in a porcelain box that actually came with truffles in it a couple years ago. While these glass truffles are expensive (the chocolate drop one was around $16, but the others were around $30), they're also works of art. In that light I view and adore them.

3) Lace Dresses - Dillard's has an outlet store. It's weird and the lights are all dim like they're saving money on the power bill. But the prices are also low. And when I went there, all the dress brands I like were on sale for an extra percentage. So I ended up with three lace dresses for a ridiculously low amount (let's just say less than the glass truffles). The green one is Chelsea & Violet and the brown and white ones are M.S.S.P. I like their versatility: I can wear them as is in summer or easily layer them with tights or leggings and sweaters or jackets for colder weather.

4) Once Upon A Time - I zoomed through the first season of this show on Netflix, then flirted briefly with Hulu Plus to zoom through the first fourteen episodes of the second season. Looking forward to watching the next episode on TV Sunday. I don't know if I can even remember the last time I regularly watched a show actually on a TV.

5) Green Bag - While I love my green leather satchel, it isn't very big. This bag, on the other hand, is huge. It fits everything. It's also in this rough, canvas-like material, so it's durable, too. It looks better than a basic tote bag and it's my color, so I like it for those days when I need the space.

6) Grapefruit Seed Extract - For my random favorite, here is my personal sickness-preventer. Everyone has their go-to item for when they feel like they're getting sick. But I've been using this one for years and it works. I don't know that I get sick at all anymore. Besides the fact that it works, I also love that this product is natural: no weird, unnecessary side effects.

7) Red Earrings - These were a gift some time ago. I like that they're (I believe) a local type of jewelry (or at least handmade) and also that they're easy to wear with different outfits. They can either add a little color or eclectic tone. After all, I don't usually like all my jewelry to match: I wore these last with the green necklace that's coming up at #9.

8) Theodent Toothpaste - No, this isn't a random inclusion. I've had toothpaste on here before, therefore I say that it isn't weird anymore for me to include it. Plus, this toothpaste looks amazing and beautiful and that in itself is reason to include it. Be honest, have you ever seen toothpaste as gorgeous? The way I see it, toothpaste has just as much reason to look pretty as makeup or perfume. So why not? I've only been using it for about a week, so I can't say how well it works. How it compares to Crest and the like I can't say, but it seems to be comparable to other "natural-y" toothpastes. It's called Theodent because it uses an ingredient found in chocolate; yes, that's why I bought it as much as the fact that it was pretty. Provided things don't change and my teeth fall out in the next week, I may have found my new brand.

9) Green Necklace - I chose this in Sedona, also. It was at my favored Discount Gems & Minerals store. It's simple and it has green and it's made out of rocks, so I like it.

10) Allegro Coffee - I've decided that, minus the three times a year I go to Starbucks or elsewhere, I need to buy Fair Trade coffee. But I still don't have a coffee grinder or a budget for $30 coffee, so that narrows my choices a bit. I picked up Allegro's French Roast coffee and it's turned out to be one of my favorite coffees I've tried so far. (I don't drink a huge amount, so it takes a while for me to go through a bag--so I haven't tried too many kinds in the two or three years I've been drinking coffee.) I'm thinking about trying their Espresso blend next.

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