Monday, February 25, 2013

Never Let Go of Primeval

Let me continue on my Josh Groban rambling, this time focusing on his song "Never Let Go" and my favorite Primeval character, Connor Temple.

I'm not a YouTuber; I don't make fan videos. But if I were making a Primeval vid and matching it with a song, "Never Let Go" is one of the ones I would consider. It's specifically a Connor song.

My first reason is the most random. When I started watching interviews with Andrew Lee Potts and seeing clips of some of his other films, the strange resemblance between him and Josh Groban came up to me. It's not exact; no, no, I wouldn't even say it's that much. But there's something of a similarity, isn't there? They look slightly similar, they act slightly similar in the fact that they both act silly, and their voices even sound slightly similar when Andrew is doing an American accent. (And they both have a dog: Sweeney vs. Stanley, anyone?)

But I also think that the lyrics speak to Connor's journey throughout the show. "Hold onto what brought you here" is a kind of warning for him in Seasons 4 and 5. "I can't understand it, the search for an answer is met with a darker day" is Connor's realization that meddling with the anomalies only causes more harm. "Forced apart by time and sand, take a step and take my hand," well, that can be an ode to Connor and Abby's relationship. It does sound like that year in the Cretaceous, although technically the two of them weren't forced apart by time--time forced them apart from everyone else.

But "don't let go" is an anthem for the entire ARC team. It's what they constantly have to remind themselves of when anomalies, creatures, ethics, and office/authority politics get in the way of simplicity. "Never let go" is also my anthem: never let go of Primeval, even if (as everyone says is the case unless the very unlikely happens) it never goes to a sixth season and the Canadian Primeval: New World never gets renewed for a second season (although I do think that would be a shame). But we, the fans, we can still choose to never let go to the memories we do have of this world, even if we can't make new ones.

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