Sunday, February 10, 2013

Little Links Go Public

Yesterday a new vlog from Keychain Productions announced what we're all been waiting for . . . merch. The true way for all of us to show our pride as fans.

Shirts, caps, pins, etc. Most of them have the Little Links phrase on them, although there are also some with Keychain Productions and Little Larry/Little Lilly. I wouldn't mind the shirt for the latter, but I chose the basic Little Links one instead. I would get them both, but you know, I don't have that much spending money, especially after putting the numbers through the currency conversion (pounds to dollars) (and adding in international shipping).

Connected to this release is a competition asking everyone to submit pictures of themselves with their merch for a chance to win something (maybe a signed DVD? or a prop? a phone call even?). So if you like Keychain's short films, head on over to and click the "Links Shop" link.

And in the meantime, Little Links, take two and a half minutes and watch Little Larry again:

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