Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Discovering Yourself, Always

Because of my love of Emma Shapplin's music, I had hoped for a long time to someday have her 1999 EP Discovering Yourself. But most often, the sellers on Amazon have had it for sale around $35 or $45 dollars. For four songs (one of which is a remix), that is quite a bit. Wonderful thing, however, I saw it for $10 last week; so here it is finally in my hands:

The tracks are: "Discovering Yourself," "Cuerpo Sin Alma (remix)," "Fera Ventura," and "Dolce Veneno." The first track has a music video which is on YouTube. It's an odd sort of combination of pop/rock/classical--very Emma Shapplin, then. It's also the first song (years ago) I heard her singing in English in; it's funny to realize that I couldn't understand many of the lyrics back then. But I've grown quite fond of this song for the themes that the title alone expresses: growing into yourself and deciding who you are and all that comes along with such a journey.

The "Cuerpo Sin Alma" remix is a little too disco/90's/dance for me (okay, "Discovering Yourself" has a 90's sound, too--but still). I prefer the original version--and the original, original version being "Cuor Senza Sangue" (as opposed to the Spanish version, although I do prefer the Spanish "Falta Tu Estrella" to the original "Spente Le Stelle").

I believe both of the remaining tracks are soundtrack songs, at least one from Red Planet. I could be wrong on the details. "Fera Ventura" does have something of a sci-fi sound to its classical overtones. It's an interesting song, with a chorus in English that may take a moment to distinguish as English. "Dolce Veneno" is more a straight classical song, though of course accompanied by Emma's stretching, emotional vocals. It's comparable to many of the songs on Carmine Meo.

My music library just got happier.

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