Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Blondfire's Desert Waves

"Oh, waves, there are waves."

But what type of waves, exactly, are there? Many kinds, I say. When Blondfire's song "Waves" first appeared online, I instantly dubbed it a favorite because of its duality (you can read that post here). Waves can either be the struggles that put you down or the forces that lift you up and into new places--and often they're the same thing. Now "Waves" has its own music video, shot in the So. Cal. desert, that continues the theme of duality.

As you know, I'm bound to love the desert setting of this video. Gorgeous desert and pretty, crumbly mountains mean I'm happy. But perhaps you wonder why a song about waves doesn't have an ocean backdrop? Ponder that a moment and look a little closer.

There are waves in this video: the ripples in the sand, the curves of the mountains/hills, and even the flow of fabric in Erica's outfits. These are the harsh things, the ones "picking you up, pushing you down." Desert heat and wind--the elements and Nature. But as she wanders about, Erica also finds signs of water. An anchor, a starfish, and even the nature of the desert suggest that there once was water here--and that perhaps it might come again. She is searching for the waves, knowing their power. She is wandering away from the waves, knowing their power.

As William Blake seemed to say, only by recognizing duality can you make progress.

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