Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Milka: Hazelnut Milk Chocolate

I never know who has or who hasn't had a Milka bar before. Sometimes they're pretty readily available these days, either from World Market or another store selling international products--but not everyone goes to stores like that. So if you have not had a Milka bar before, I would recommend them as a good, creamy, sweet millk chocolate. World Market also has some pretty, cow-shaped Milka cookies right now. And if you have to heard of the brand before, Milka was originally made by Suchard in Switzerland; that company has been subject to different mergers and such and is now under Mondelez International.

The bar I'm looking at today, however, is not the plain Milka bar. It is the hazelnut milk chocolate. If you know me, you'll know that I like hazelnut and chocolate, as I think most people these days do, given how popular Nutella is. (My opinion: buy almost any other chocolate hazelnut spread besides Nutella and it will be better quality and less plasticy, with more chocolate.) The hazelnuts in this chocolate are in the form of hazelnut paste, so there is nothing crunchy to mar the effect of smoothness. The smoothness is, after all, what makes chocolate and hazelnuts so nice together. The sweetness is also a factor, which is why the combination is more irresistible with a sweet milk chocolate. 

And sweet milk chocolate is what Milka does best. The chocolate is so sweet and milky that my 80 degree house is much too warm for it. It sticks to the packaging and doesn't feel completely solid. But that's okay: soft chocolate is just a step away from chocolate spread. It's chocolate spread without the need for a spoon. This chocolate becomes instantly a melty mass in my mouth, tasting of chocolate and caramel and vanilla and hazelnut. Very milky, very nutty, and very sweet. It is nothing fancy and nothing gourmet, but it is everything irresistible and everything delightful. It's the kind of chocolate I buy when I'm celebrating quietly to myself, letting myself simply indulge. 

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