Friday, September 26, 2014

Once Returns Once Again

Ah, sometimes life is very annoying. I just typed out this entire post, only to accidentally delete it all with no way of getting it back. So this time I will put it together differently--how about a list? Perhaps that will be more coherent, anyway.

Season 4 of Once Upon a Time is already starting up again on Sunday. Because it's a show with so many characters and stories, I'm quite curious to see what they do with it this time. I don't like to see spoilers, so I haven't been looking at cast lists, promo images, or interviews yet. But I do know that Will Scarlet (from Once Upon a Time in Wonderland) is going to be in this season and they will be doing a version of Frozen.

1) How will Frozen fit in with the current plot and characters? Perhaps one of the characters we already know will turn out to be Elsa's sister, or maybe one of them acted against Elsa in the past.

2) Will Elsa's world be part of Snow White's, or does she come from a different world? Given the inclusion of Neverland and Oz last season, it's possible that she comes from a different world, although that might make connections with the current set of characters more difficult.

3) Will there be crossover between the Robin Hood and Frozen plots? I come to this question, naturally, because it seems like these are two stories we're going to be exploring more of this season. They might still be separate, but it's always easier to build connections between new stories than existing ones. In last season's finale, I wondered if Robin Hood's wife might double as Anna's character--but I suppose I was wrong.

4) What does Emma have to do with any of this? Emma's first quest was getting to know her son and lifting the curse on Storybrooke; since then, she's gotten to know the rest of her family, saved Henry again, and reunited (temporarily) with Henry's father. She's the character designed to bridge the gap between the audience and the fairy tales. So what does she do now? And will the characters ever leave Storybrooke?

5) Will Bae come back? I've already explained why I want him to (you can read that post here). It seems odd to have Rumplestiltskin without his guilt and regret about his son. He can have guilt over his son's death, yes, but it's guilt without action unless the show lets Bae come back.

I don't know. We'll see how it all unfolds. I can't wait until Sunday night.

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