Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September Favorites

As usual for September, most of these are either gifts or purchased with gift money.

1) Beaded Purse - Perhaps you can't tell in a picture how pretty this bag is. It has a metal clasp colored in gold, with a delicately gaudy pattern of vines on it. The material is made of soft grey stitches woven with blue-grey beads that catch the light and sparkle most brilliantly. It's perfect for an evening out, except that the space inside is so small that I can barely fit my cell phone and a lip color in it.

2) Pewter Dinosaurs - On the way back from the Painted Desert earlier this month, we stopped at a store with lots and lots of fossils and gemstones and rocks and such. It was all very exciting, but I don't have the space to buy more at the moment, so I just picked up a handful of tiny dinosaurs. They've been hanging out with my books--at Heathcliff's feet, in fact.

3) Tarte Glamazon Pure Performance Lipstick in Foxy - While I love Tarte's lip tints and shimmers (the ones that are like crayons), I've never had one of their lipsticks. This bright pink is much fuller in color than the tints, making it necessary to bring out my lip liner/primer, but it still feels softer than a regular lipstick. I think I'll like using it when the weather cools down and I want that extra bit of color to combat the cold.

4) Fairy Tales from Around the World - I know I already have two of the Barnes and Noble leatherbounds with fairy tales, but this copy was so pretty with its bright color and layers of pictures that I had to get it. (I also got a few more books while I was there.) It has stories from the Blue Fairy Book, the Red Fairy Book, etc. There are also a good amount of pictures.

5) Tarte Beauty & the Box Amazonian Clay Eye Shadow Quad in Just Deserts - This is my third of these shadow palettes; I do love them. While my other brown set has warmer shades, these are more stark. The darkest is a very dark brown, and the top two shades are very, very light. So I feel like this set is good if you want to do an almost black lid, but in a neutral way.

6) Notecards Set - While I was at Barnes & Noble, I wandered into the paper section and found this little set from Kartos. It's beautiful paper that folds open to reveal two pockets, which hold small notecards and envelopes with the same delicate design. I thought they might be nice to have in case I ever want to send someone a short note. And they look beautiful in my little Victorian writing desk (the lap one).

7) Shiny Gemstone Necklace - What I find pretty about this necklace is the subtlety of colorfulness. Shades of pink, blue, and ivory are set against gold to create something soft yet playful.

8) Green Mademoiselle Notebook from Niquead - I know, I have prettier notebooks than this one. But I had been eyeing it at Papyrus for a while because of the green dress, so I thought, why not? It has gold-edged pages.

8) Flower Necklace - At the same antique store booth where I found my watch necklace this summer, I came across these orange flowers. Again, this is my idea of fashion jewelry--not what the clothing stores sell.

9) Green Pants - I had been wanting some military green pants for a while, but couldn't find any that fit right. These are from Gianni Bini and they're in olive green and I think they were designed to fit above the ankle, which of course means that they fit short me just right as regular length pants.

10) Cameo Necklace & Bracelet Set - There I was at the aforementioned antique store. I turned a corner and there it was, gleaming in a display case. I paused and smiled at it, admiring its beauty. Then I tilted my head to see the price tag. No, I thought, that must just be the price of the bracelet. But lo, and behold, that was the price for both the necklace and bracelet. Deciding I wouldn't find another set like this soon, much less at this price, I brought them home. I do love cameos, and the metal (it's possible it's silver, but I really don't know how to tell on something like this) setting is filled with filigree and flourishes and of all the colors in the world, the little (faux) stones are green. Wasn't it made for me? I'm having a hard time researching these necklaces. The tag said it was Victorian. Some of the ones online say they're from the 1880's. I think somewhere said something about the 1930's. Either way, it's a beautiful set.

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