Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Milka: Nussini

After our fairly cool Spring, it looks like we're plunging straight into summer with three digit temperatures this week--and it's supposed to be 108 on Saturday. The top for this area is usually only about 104; temperatures approaching 110 are rather disgusting. 100 is fine; it's just hot. But close to 110 is when you step outside and instantly feel exhausted. 

So it is during this approach of warmth that I decided to break into a Milka bar that had been waiting for me. You see why this isn't a good idea? The milkier the chocolate, the quicker it melts--I can't seem to even touch this one without it melting right into my fingertips. (And, no, I'm not too interested in putting it in the refrigerator.) Oh, well, I suppose I can manage. When there is hazelnut chocolate involved, I'll manage.

That is, hazelnuts, chocolate, and wafers--oh, that's plenty to get my attention. I suppose the name of this bar is Nussini--it's "wafers with hazelnut cream filling covered with milk chocolate." As you can see, not only is there hazelnut cream, there are also some hazelnut pieces on top of the bar. So this is a crunchier candy than a KitKat, and there is plenty of hazelnut flavor. 

It's the hazelnuts and wafers I would go to this bar for, but it's also worth noting that I like Milka's milk chocolate, too. If you want a casual milk chocolate, do go for their plain milk chocolate; it's good. So the chocolate that coats all of the wafers here is also acceptable. Maybe I also appreciate that it isn't too thick: there is enough of it but not so much that the candy becomes greasy or overly sweet. It's the right balance of elements. 

These are all brief comments, but this is just a candy bar and there is generally less to say about a candy bar. All that I can say now is that this is a candy bar after my own heart: decent chocolate, wafers, and hazelnuts delivered in the right amounts. I would definitely buy it again and definitely prefer it to a lot of the American candies. 

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