Wednesday, January 9, 2019

The Winter Thaws for a Pause

January tends to be the coldest time in Arizona. Even in the Phoenix area, there is that week or so where the lows go into thirties and the highs stay at the fifties or forties. We've just moved out of that spell. Now we're in a warm spell.

The jackets (and umbrellas) are gone. Now everyone is outside riding bikes and enjoying the weather. It got to 70 today--even though the high a week ago was 25 degrees lower.

There are desert marigolds blooming all around, as if it's spring. A little girl gave one to me at work the other day.

Where there were clouds covering the sky, the sun is beaming out. Even my bearded dragon awakened and flopped onto her sand, only to end up back in the same spot where she's been sleeping for the last couple months.

And that will be it, won't it? The warm spell will end. The rain will return and the cooler temperatures will come back, too. Maybe we've had the lowest of them, but we'll at least have cause to bring the jackets out again. Spring isn't here yet.

While such weather can be odd or even a hassle, I love the bipolarity of it. Ups and downs. One thing and then the opposite. Something you like and then something you don't and then you don't even know which you prefer because they keep interchanging.

Ups and downs and interchanging. So much that you don't even know which you prefer. A kaleidoscope. Life as a kaleidoscope. Always changing, always the same. Good or bad? Negative or neutral? Neither, in a way: you and your own perspective can be the constant, the thing that holds it all together.

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