Wednesday, January 30, 2019

When Beardies Awaken

I like to say during the winter that I have a sleeping dragon at home. A bearded dragon, that is, and she is not so fierce or mythological as the name dragon would suggest. Still, the phrase remains fun.

Though it's still winter, she is easing awake now. Some fresh food that I gave her disappeared not on the first day but on the second. And what I gave her today she ate right away. Now she's back in her spot looking fairly still, but that's the bearded dragon way, after all. Stillness. She's waking; I can tell.

While the rest of the country is in the extreme cold temperatures, today has been one of those beautiful, almost warm winter days. No wonder the dragon has awakened.

Her eyes peer at me, like she knows who I am but is still sort of getting to know me again after the long sleep. Still reminding herself that she's comfortable around me.

Her eyes gleam in black and gold. Maybe she isn't so non-mythological after all: there seem to be deep secrets in her eyes. Maybe she learned them while sleeping, and now she has awakened to take on the world with her new knowledge.

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