Monday, March 25, 2019

Money on Honey: French Sea Salt Caramels

There are many different things that you might mean if you start talking about better quality chocolate. For the sake of the current product, better quality refers to fair trade ingredients and also somewhat more environmentally-friendly ingredients--and the greater availability of products like this. This bag of Dark Chocolate French Sea Salt Wildflower Honey Caramels from Money on Honey came from Walgreens. The chocolate and the sugar are fair trade. And the name comes from their use of honey instead of corn syrup for their caramel--they went ahead and went a unique route, put their money on the honey. Given all the products with genetically modified corn in them, I'm all for using less corn syrup; and given how great honey is, I'm all for using more honey.

The bag is basic; this is still just a mass-produced product. The chocolates are gold-wrapped basics. Dark chocolate pieces come with fat flecks of salt. They cut pretty cleanly because it's a pretty stiff caramel. A couple of chews in and you can taste the honey strongly. I don't think I remember tasting honey so strongly with the caramel from Untamed Confections. Maybe that's because Money on Honey specifically calls this Wildflower Honey Caramel rather than just caramel made with honey.

I'm certainly not complaining: honey is an excellent flavor, just as rich as it is sweet. The caramel takes center stage on this one. As such it's hard to really get a grasp on the chocolate, which is to be expected, though. Sprinkles of salt come in strong and sharp gasps. Now, that caramel truly does taste of caramel and of honey and not even so much of vanilla like caramel often does. So I would say that this is a unique caramel flavor. The flavor plus the soft and chewy texture make these pleasant confections.

So I'll give my stamp of approval. Long shelf life, better ingredients, pleasant flavor, fair trade. When you get all of these things in one, that's an overall improvement to the chocolate/candy scene.

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