Tuesday, July 30, 2019

What's Next for the Star Wars Books?

I only started reading Star Wars books around the time that they came up with the whole canon and expanded universe concept (that is, books written before the Disney takeover, minus the movie novelizations, are no longer considered canon). So I figured I would read all the new books coming out while the new movies are coming out and then after that I'd be more selective and only read the ones that sounded interesting to me . . . and maybe then I'd also double back and read some of the EU books (I mean, I have read a couple, but there are plenty more).

What does that mean now, though? The new trilogy is almost over but Disney will still be making more Star Wars content. So do I keep reading all the new Star Wars books? I don't know. I enjoy them, but I'm also getting a little tired of them. Books like Ahsoka or Master and Apprentice I've much liked, but books like Alphabet Squadron take a little more effort from me. I'm just not as interested in the military side or the political side that some of the books take. I'm not saying that Star Wars books shouldn't cover a variety of subjects and angles; I'm just saying that some of those appeal to me more or less than others.

I did get into Alphabet Squadron, but it took me a while. And if I were in the picking and choosing phase, I probably would have skipped this one (well, except for the fact that I knew Hera was in it, which was exciting to imagine, though she didn't end up having too big of a role, anyway). This coming after how refreshing it was to read Willa Cather last month or whenever that was. I'm realizing that the bulk of what I have been reading has been Star Wars books. I like Star Wars books, but I don't like them enough that they should be that big of a percentage of what I'm reading.

The reality is, I'm just not reading that much these days. There's only so much time to sit down with a book, right? So if I'm trying to keep up with all the Star Wars books as they're released, I'm not getting to other things I might want to read, as well. So that's my motivation. If I were still twelve years old, spending every summer reading all day long, then sure, I could read all the Star Wars books new and old and still get through plenty of other content, as well. But I'm not, and I'm realizing that the reason I don't always carve out as much time for reading is that I don't always get as much out of it as I used to. So I need to make sure I'm working in content that excites me.

I'll probably still read all the new Star Wars releases for the year . . . and probably most of them after that, too. But I'm at the point now where if they come up with another Battlefront book, I'll feel comfortable skipping it.

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