Monday, November 2, 2020

Fireflight Returns

Fireflight has been one of my favorite bands. When I first found them on Pandora years ago, I saw the album cover for Unbreakable with Dawn standing there in the stormy setting and holding onto a giant candle and I thought, yes, light in the dark, that's what I like. Not all bands last forever, so while Fireflight did put out a good amount of music during their active years, I think most of us had begun to think we'd seen the last of them. But then in August I heard the news about their October release of Who We Are: The Head and the Heart

This is how I always end up with physical copies of Fireflight albums, even now: all the pre-orders. This package came with a t-shirt and a handkerchief, as well. And so this is also how I end up with oversized tees (tiny five foot ladies don't fit in unisex size small tees). I used the other one (from For Those Who Wait) to sleep in. This one, I don't know, I might just be able to wear it if I play with it a bit--though I don't wear many t-shirts, anyway. We'll see. And the handkerchief I really don't know. Maybe it'll end up in my hair.

But enough rambling about the accessories. The album is composed of two. The head and the heart each appear on one side of the imagery, and there is a CD (with five songs) for each one, as well. Just saying the words makes me think of logic and emotion, but I don't think that's quite what I get from this album. After sitting with the songs for a bit, here is what I find. The Head contains statements and declarations of power and resolution. The Heart contains outpourings of struggles.

I have been learning that sometimes two things can exist at once. You can declare good things--and you can also feel the struggle. That's what I find in this album duo. Even though I'm very much an emotion-centered person (it's just how my mind works), I find that I lean towards the songs in The Head more. Again with that whole light in the dark concept, I like songs that can tear me upwards and remind me to be alive and positive. "How to Fly" in particular speaks to this. "Ready for More" and "Who We Are" call to mind the single that Lacey Sturm released this year, "The Decree." The time is now to choose who we are and what we believe and to act on it. Christian, eh? Live it. Right here, right now.

While I get the concept behind "Welcome to the Show," which starts up The Heart, I don't really see the re-listenability of a song like this. Because, yes, we are an audience listening to a song. "Bury the Dead" I think will speak to so many of us, though in all our different ways depending on our own individual life experiences. Fireflight has always been about acknowledging struggle, and this song expresses the difficulty in living out forgiveness/moving-on/etc. But you know, if you're going to have resolution and power and revival, you have to bury the dead in order to move forward.

So I find that this album is quite relevant to me personally and to the 2020 mindset in general. Live each moment with resolution. Make those strong statements. And allow your emotions to exist but to not tear you down. Welcome back, Fireflight. 

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