Saturday, October 30, 2021

Eldora Chocolate: Cameroon Bangassina Centre 70%

We have come now to the end of the selection from Eldora Chocolate. The third single origin chocolate bar we'll be taking a look at is the Cameroon Bangassina Centre 70%. Talking about trying to choose less common origins, I believe this might be my first chocolate sourced in Cameroon. At least for sure I haven't looked at any since I started putting my reviews on this blog, and that's been eight or nine years now. Granted, also, not every chocolate bar even states from where its cocoa is sourced. But Cameroon isn't one of the most common names I hear in reference to cocoa.

The chocolate has a semisweet aroma with pronounced marshmallow notes. That reminds me much of a bar I found at Trader Joe's years back. Flavor-wise, it starts off rich and dark with the marshmallow notes carrying into the flavor. After about the halfway point, things get warmer so that there is more of a flourless chocolate cake feel. Then the marshmallow notes make their way back in. In the final stages, the flavor heightens in warmth and comes to a gentle finish. 

Initially, I found that the texture felt slightly dustier and less smooth than that of the other two bars. While I still say there is some difference, it isn't enough that I would necessarily have noticed if I had only had this one. On its own, I don't think I would have called it dusty at all. 

As far as the development of flavor, this chocolate is on par with the other two. It still has flavor to dig into and a delightful chocolate embrace. I would say that it's the less nuanced or intriguingly unique of the three that I happened to choose. But it's still a solid bar of quality, small batch chocolate. It holds its own.

My only regret is that Eldora is so close yet so far away. New Mexico is just one state over, but that's just far enough away that I'm not there more than once a year and not always that often. Now I know, though, that a stop in or drive through Albuquerque necessitates some chocolate refueling. 

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