Friday, December 21, 2012

A Wreath of Snow

Author of the Thorn in my Heart trilogy and more recently the Here Burns My Candle and Mine is the Night pair, Liz Curtis Higgs released this past November a new historical fiction novella. While her previous historical fiction books have been set at an earlier time period, A Wreath of Snow takes place at the very end of the nineteenth century, though it is still set in Scotland. 

Since it's a novella, A Wreath of Snow is also a short two hundred or so pages, with a small amount of words on each page. And since it is, more specifically, "a Victorian Christmas novella," its short length makes it ideal for a casual holiday read. It only takes a few hours to read. While I've enjoyed some of Liz's previous novels for their heightened, frank emotions, A Wreath of Snow isn't quite so drastic. This, again, makes it fitting for a warm, vacation story.

Not to say that this story won't make you feel anything. While it, naturally, has a bit of a love story, it is the story of family that comes most into focus. It's a story about familial love and about bitterness and forgiveness. It's about all those emotions that come into being at the Christmas time of year--and the emotions that should come into being during this season.

The pretty, red and white book also happens to be a hardcover, making it perfect for a last minute gift.

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