Thursday, December 6, 2012

Calming Antiquing

It's like my professors are trying to punish me.

You see, every semester seems to get harder than the last. And I wonder if part of that is because, subconsciously, I'm expecting more of myself each time. But the fact of it is, these last three weeks are a brutal end to a busy semester. It seems like there are at least three papers or other writing assignments due each week (maybe more--I'm avoiding counting). Yesterday I felt like I was literally going insane from my nonstop working (don't worry, I'm making up for it by dressing in some of my more insane outfits--hello vintage scarf and red lipstick I wore today).

But today I took the morning off (well, some of it, leastways). I did a little of my Christmas shopping--in an antique store like an insane person with an insane family who will enjoy presents from an antique store. It's a big antique store, too, so you can spend a long time there if you really want to look through all the items (and we all know that sometimes that's the only way you'll spot it). I think I only spent about an hour and a half, but my, what that hour and a half did for me.

It was better than therapy, extremely calming. My tired brain had just the right amount to keep it occupied but not overworked. Glancing through items, trying to picture them in people's houses, imagining stories for them, regretting that the really cool things are so expensive, just enjoying the moment. Oh, it was wonderfully refreshing.

Plus, I got two presents out of it (one of them is really good), and another item I'm very tempted to go back and get for myself. Maybe tomorrow . . . or next week? Or maybe I shouldn't . . . we'll see. Maybe it'll be my end-of-semester gift to myself.

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