Saturday, December 1, 2012

What Did Those Dwarves Do to Poor Bilbo?

It turns out that I was right when I guessed that The Hillywood Show's video based on The Hobbit (which they have titled "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Parody") would portray the Unexpected Party scene at Bag End, starring Hilly as Bilbo.

First for the things that I like about this parody. Despite the dozens of characters Hilly has played in the past, I was having a hard time picturing her as Bilbo--but she's hilariously cute in this role. And all those dwarves, what a makeup and costume extravaganza. They go into the infamous pile of well-done Hillywood characters. I enjoyed Hannah's Frodo cameo: it's randomness fits in well with how the movie is incorporating Frodo even though he isn't in the book. Gandalf's line at the end of the parody has perfect placement, a little twisting of lines/meanings.

But there are things I don't like, too. I hesitated over how to put it since I do support Hillywood so much, but it wouldn't be worth anything to anybody to only say positive things, would it? So here it is: I don't like the song choice or approach. One of the reasons that I got into Hillywood was because, in the world of YouTube and parodies, there are only so many clean and wholesome laughs, if you will. And while Hilly and Hannah have said enough about themselves in interviews/livestreams/etc. that I know they're not advocating everyone going and getting drunk and wasted, I would still rather watch something else. The concept works just fine with the scene, but I was anticipating something different from them. Something a little more Middle Earth in tone and such.

I still enjoyed the behind-the-scenes, though. This was an intense day of filming for this parody. So I'll sit back and enjoy the things I enjoy and not fuss over what I didn't like.

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