Saturday, August 3, 2013

Atwood Alley

Often it's the stories that include imagination that I enjoy most--however imagination manifests itself. And given my multitudinous piles of neatly stacked books and ever widening Netflix queue, stories have incredible value in my life.

It took a few extra days for me to learn about the newest video from Keychain Productions because, being an entry in the Virgin Media Shorts contest, it debuted on the contest website instead of on Keychain's YouTube page. While I would have preferred a video with less voiceover/exposition, I do like the subject material. The character is a nine year old girl who values imagination even when others do not understand it--and that is important.

Once again, there is pretty use of color contrasts. Does anyone else think the shot of the umbrella against the snow is reminiscent of Narnia and Mr. Tumnus's umbrella?

To watch the short film, Atwood Alley, click here.

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