Monday, August 19, 2013

Looking to PNW's End & Future

Now that Primeval: New World has finished its U.S. run, here is what I think worked about the later episodes and what could work well for a second season. Although the show has been cancelled, there's always still hope, right?

As the show moved into its second season, there was less randomness and more about character relationships and development. The "hidden military agenda" was nothing new, but it added a sense of urgency and importance to the usual happenings. What I do like about it is that it gave a new angle to Canada's discovery of the anomalies; as I've mentioned before, the scientists/etc. and the government started working together very conveniently in the original series, but that may not be the most realistic approach.

You have to have a sense of why all the characters are where they are and how they get along. That starts to develop more as the series ends. And the crossover with the U.K. in the finale, well, that was long-awaited for me. I think we all missed Connor: all his lines in the finale, whatever they were, seemed great. His scenes seemed the best and we clung to every hint he gave of what was going on with the ARC team.

So while I didn't like everything about this spinoff, just imagine what a second season could be. They've said that they would want to do more crossover with the ARC team. Whether that would be with the characters physically interacting or just keeping in touch or with the show portraying what is happening in both countries, that would present a wider, more global scale. It would also let us have our original characters back even without a sixth season of the original series.

But one question. What is the timeline? Connor said that he was from a different date than Canada in the finale. So was he traveling back or forward in time? And by how much? A day? A year? I keep going in circles trying to answer this question; maybe the answer is there and I just can't find it. Or maybe I need a second season to figure it out.

Either way, the DVD/Blu-Ray comes out October 22. Let's all get it as our demand for a second season, alright?

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