Sunday, September 29, 2013

September Favorites

Happy birthday to me this month: I chose a few trinkets.

1) Lollia Perfume in Wish - I have one or two tiny perfumes from Lollia. Mainly I thought I would get this one for the pretty cylinder bottle. Then I brought it home and found that I love the scent. Along with the Happ & Stahns Rose Alba, it's now my favorite. It's sweet and innocent and magical, in a clean and fresh way. It's like a sugared flower petal, I suppose.

2) Disney & Green Notebooks - I love notebooks; I love Disneyland; I picked out the black DLR notebook and a blue Cinderella one that flips over to Aurora on the other side. The princess notebook is also a compromise with myself since I liked some of the t-shirts with a similar style, but didn't buy any because I knew I wouldn't wear them except at home. The green suede is from Anthropologie, and has two slits for storing a pencil.

3) Red Bracelet - A gift, this bracelet has alternating red and gold. Given that I have started wearing more bracelets lately, this is the perfect addition to my collection.

4) Wonderland Topsy Turvy Tea Blend - I fell in love with the Mad Tea Party Blend I got earlier this year, so I picked up the second flavor this time. Unfortunately, it is not as unique: it's basically Earl Grey. That said, however, it's still nice tea, I love that it's loose, I like the tin, and I am glad to find an option like this for sale at the parks.

5) Owl & Clock Necklace - Another gift, the little owl's wings open up to reveal a clock. I often prefer long necklaces, and this also pairs easily if I want to wear it alongside a shorter necklace.

6) Beauty & the Beast Picture - That's right, more Beauty and the Beast. While some of the Disney art these days can be quite quality, it doesn't always fit in with my style. This little frame, however, looked small enough to put on the wall with my other pieces without shouting "Disney merch." And it's Beauty and the Beast.

7) Hillywood Shirt - I don't like all of The Hillywood Show's shirt designs, so when there is a design I like, I try and get it quickly. Their first v-neck shirt has a simple, YouTube-esque logo.

8) Antique Writing Desk - I feel like Laura Ingalls Wilder with this desk. The top two pieces of wood fold away (to opposite sides, like a book) to reveal space for pens and ink and a flat space for writing. Here, the middle piece also folds back to reveal another compartment, which I believe was where you kept paper and perhaps letters.

9) Lady Gaga "Fame" Mini Perfume - Here is why I save my Sephora points: sometimes there are very good things you can get with them. While this scent is too fruity/sweet for me, the bottle is cool and who wouldn't want to own the first black perfume? Plus, if I used it, then the bottle wouldn't look the same without its inky liquid.

10) R. Atkinson Fox's "Sunset Dreams" - Let me tell you the story here. Last November or December, when I was Christmas shopping at an antique store, I saw this print. I loved it, but left it there since I hadn't been planning on a purchase for myself. But I soon returned for it, only to find it gone. Then I went to a different store this weekend and found it again. We were meant to be. You'll have to forgive my poor picture of it: I haven't learned how to wrestle against reflections in glass.

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