Friday, January 31, 2014

January Favorites

1) Mini Brass Dinosaur Necklace - You'll, ah, recall my three inch, 3D, brass T-Rex necklace I got last year from ModCloth? Well, it has a baby now, a little one inch, flat dino. It isn't quite as exciting, but also not quite as . . . insane. I've worn it paired with another long necklace, and maybe if I pulled the chain a little smaller, I could wear it with its parent T-Rex? I tell you, it's one of the simple joys in life to pair a dinosaur necklace with a girly dress.

2) Trader Joe's chai tea - Someone needs to restrain me from buying more tea, especially from Trader Joe's. It's hard: they sell such inexpensive tea that I want to get it all "just to try it." A few months ago, I was craving chai tea and bought a tin of green chai tea--which didn't really satisfy my craving since it had a different, though still good, flavor profile. So now here we have a classic chai that just hits the spot.

3) Anna Sui Mini Coffret perfume set - Someone also needs to restrain me from acquiring little perfume bottles. Don't I already have enough? But sets are so tempting. This one has five mini perfumes from Anna Sui. I once had a sample of Fairy Dance and thought it had a nice smell to it, so I thought maybe I would want to buy a full-sized bottle from Anna Sui--that is, once I could bring home these mini bottles and decide which scent I liked best. But the thing is, I don't know how much I like the scents, after all. They're nice, floral and citrus or something like that; but then I lean over and smell Happ & Stahns Rose Alba or Tocca Florence and realize that I like those scents more. So I'm sticking with the little, pretty bottles for now. And why can't I have perfume just for looks?

4) Colorful Hearts - The Hummingbird House in Sedona often has these little hearts out, and they've been putting out plenty of red ones in preparation for Valentine's Day. The red is pretty, but the bowl of colorful hearts interested me more. Pale green accented by a touch of pink was the route I chose; I strung them on a random ribbon for display. At two dollars for each heart, they're certainly a less expensive, but still pretty, item to choose from the enchanting store.

5) Vintage Brass Lipstick/Perfume Case - I thought this was an old lipstick case and thought to keep it in my vintage lipstick display. As it turns out, however, it was probably for solid perfume: it doesn't twist very much the way lipstick does. It doesn't really matter, but I can't think of it as lipstick anymore, so I've put it with my perfumes instead. The one green jewel on top suits me, don't you think?

6) The Lady of the Lake - I do believe the only work by Sir Walter Scott that I've read is Ivanhoe. Perhaps someday I will also read this long poem; I found it for a good deal at the same antique store as the perfume case, so I thought it might come along since it is pretty and Sir Walter Scott was cool.

7) Dolce & Gabbana Intense Perfume - Gotta spend those Sephora points wisely, yes? I usually spend them on perfume bottles; I figure those are the less temporary items available. Although, unsurprisingly, I don't like this scent (it smells like perfume), the bottle is sleek and sophisticated and very welcome to my collection.

8) Wooden Alligator - Out of all the girly hats and jewelry and decorating items in this Prescott store, what I had to come out with was a reptile. I know, I'm crazy; I like being so. And the lizard likes to hang out around my perfumes; she's such a girly girl.

9) Green Wooden Hair Stick - There were two sizes of these, and I got the smaller size because of the tempting shade of green versus natural wood; given my rather long hair, the larger size would have been better. Yet the wavy shape of these really does help keep them in place: I can't get my hair to stay up at all with straight sticks.

10) Blue & Green Notebooks - Whether you want them to write in or just to have around, these have a classic look accented with pale color. Maybe someone also needs to restrain me from getting more notebooks?

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