Sunday, February 2, 2014

Herbaria: Chocolate Soap

At last, I come to the final item I picked up at the Chocolats du Cali Bressan shop. It is a chocolate soap, although not one made by the Cali Bressan company. And Herbaria is not even a California company, which, I must admit, did disappoint me: I like, when I go places, to get chocolate products that are from that place. Sure, it took a Californian shop to get me to this St. Louis-born chocolate soap, but still. 

Not that, once I brought out the soap, it made any difference where the company was based out of. What is nice about Herbaria is that they mostly use pure ingredients; the soap has olive oil and soy oil in addition to the palm kernel oil, and the chocolate element comes from what they call "cocoa absolute" and cocoa butter. By "cocoa absolute," I suppose they mean cocoa beans or cocoa nibs. There is no animal testing, and the wrapper is recycled paper. It's a simple wrapper, as soap packaging should be, especially if it is called natural or handmade. 

A basic, light brown rectangle, the soap has a light aroma. Even when wet, it has a soft kind of scent; it isn't so dark somehow as the Chocolate Mint soap from Orion Skin Care. It's a clean aroma, not like sticky artificial chocolate, but still not very strong. I think perhaps it must be difficult to make a usable bar of soap smell like a bar of chocolate; maybe we don't want that, anyway? So as chocolate soaps go, this one is nice. It smells pleasant, if not overly chocolate-based. And the soap is good quality: the lather is soft and the soap lasts quite a while. As a pretty soap to buy occasionally, I like it. 

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