Thursday, February 13, 2014

Funding Hillywood's Latest

Ah, yes, it has happened again. The Hillywood Show is planning to parody something that I have not yet seen. The trouble is, I haven't known where to start with Doctor Who. People tell me I can start with the newest series, but I usually like to start at the very beginning and work my way forward when investigating a new franchise/show. I think, though, that maybe I will go ahead and start with the new series soon, aye? I must prepare for the parody.

But that isn't the only way we must prepare for this parody. As Hillyfans know, The Hillywood Show was receiving funding from producers for a time, but they are, at least for now, no longer receiving those funds. And yet here we, the audience, are, quietly expecting the same level of quality we are accustomed to. The solution? Another GoFundMe, this time for Doctor Who Parody.

As they have done before, you can receive rewards for donating certain amounts. But, really, it's all about everyone giving what they can to help continue the show we all love. What, after all, would my YouTube be without The Hillywood Show? As of now, they're about a third of the way toward their goal; will you help them reach it?

(Oh, and I know a chocolate review was due today. It will come soon, although I may do a different sort of post tomorrow.)

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