Thursday, May 8, 2014

Doctor Who? Doctor Hilly?

A ripple within a timeline creates another ripple than will later return back to the grasp of the first ripple. 

So it was that after The Hillywood Show announced that their next parody would be based around Doctor Who, I decided that it was time to listen to everyone and watch the show. So it was that while they were busy raising funds and getting into pre-production and filming, I became a bit of a fan of the show, watching the new series and then starting in on the classic episodes. And then, while I am in the middle of black and white episodes with William Hartnell, along comes the teaser trailer for Doctor Who Parody. 

Life is a curious thing, fraught as it is with such tender emotions and then with such wailing of excitement over something so small and insignificant. But the coming of this parody, that is me coming full circle. The very reason that I first got into this show that I am now enjoying is finally coming to fulfillment. And as every Hillywood fan will attest, their videos are nothing like insignificant to us.

I am very much excited to find a cloudy beach scene in the teaser; it is a location that can be none other than Bad Wolf Bay. And those shoes and pants can belong to no other but the tenth doctor. I am utterly pleased by both of these facts. I was selfishly hoping to see my favorite doctor in the parody and it seems that, in fact, I will. But we are left with the question of casting, since the teaser's view goes no higher than the knee. I suspect, however, that Hilly will be playing the doctor. Doesn't it just look like that could be her? And I've long thought that Hannah would be well-suited to play Rose, if Rose is in the video. Was I perhaps right in both casting guesses?

As far as how the rest of the parody will go, I really have no idea. Bad Wolf Bay is such a sad place, and while Hillywood never disrespects the original material, they do have to lighten things up--so how will that happen? And will there be other locations, as well? Probably, but how many? I am reminded of one last point: didn't they already do a good job on the teaser? It's lovely. It's so short and simple, but it gives us so much that we want to see, so much that plays on our emotions and our memories. I can't wait until the video comes out later this month. 

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