Friday, May 30, 2014

May Favorites

1) Vintage Encyclopedia Set - A yard sale on Memorial Day equaled a 50% off sale, equaled only $25 for this set of 26 little green books from 1931. That's less than a dollar per book, which is already a good price for pretty, old books. But the fact that they're a set (and a green set, at that) makes them even better. Oh, yes, and the pages smell delicious.

2) Ribbon Necklace - Some people wear fashion jewelry; I prefer trinket jewelry. For a couple dollars at an antique store, I thought this odd, metal, bow-shaped necklace would be a good layering piece. The chain is shorter than average, so it works well for wearing alongside an average length necklace and a long necklace.

3) Painted Tile Coasters - I needed a couple of coasters for around my desk and nightstand. Anthropologie usually has those stone coasters, but they seemed too slick. These tiles have a tad more texture to their surfaces, and the painted pictures are colorful and fun but still somewhat close to my color palette.

4) Tokyo Milk Dark Bittersweet perfume - I already wrote up a review for this chocolate perfume (you can read it here). I'm still in love with its addicting aroma and sleek black bottle.

5) Rose Lemonade - Some time ago, I bought a bottle of rose water just because it was pretty. Now that it's getting close to its expiration date, I feel like I should use it up; after all, the bottle will still be pretty when it's empty. I tried out Victorian Lavender Cookies with Rose Water Icing. But my favorite so far is adding a dash of rose water to lemonade--limeade to be precise since I vastly prefer limes to lemons. It's girly and summery, poised halfway between a tea party and a picnic.

6) Somersets English Shaving Oil - Some of us have a little more difficulty getting a clean shave without irritating the skin. This shaving oil is a mixture of essential oils that are meant to relax the skin. It was a random find, but it's turned out to be one of the best finds. It's like a miracle.

7) Downton Abbey - I'm rewatching and finding that this show is better the second time around. You know the characters and how they act and how you're supposed to react, and you know what's coming next. It's almost like a soap opera (maybe every TV drama is, though?).

8) Vintage Watch Necklace - I had been wanting a watch necklace for the longest time. There were plenty of new ones, but I wanted a vintage or antique one. I was beginning to lose hope when I spotted this one for under $20. Though a little on the shiny side, it's just what I wanted. I feel like Beatrix Potter when I wear it.

9) Illustrated Wuthering Heights - This I picked up just yesterday for $10. It's a 1945 edition, and the illustrations are printed from wood engravings by Fritz Eichenberg. I was drawn to the cover, where Heathcliff, I admit, looks rather dashing languishing against a tree. He's so one with violent, horrid nature that I wasn't surprised to turn to the book's spine and see the title. Of course such an image had to be of Heathcliff. I love this image. And the others in the book are also very suited to the story and its tone. In fact, they're very good. I'm tempted to reread the book again using this copy so that I can follow along from text to images.

10) Wool Hat - In my unfounded obsession with hats, I came across this one in the same store as the watch necklace and for about the same price. Because it is fairly small and plain, it's a hat that I feel like I can actually wear around. When I tried it on in the store, it looked like it was already part of my outfit.

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