Monday, January 5, 2015

Seattle Chocolates: Hot Buttered Rum

I knew I recognized the name of Seattle Chocolates, but it took me a moment to remember from where precisely. A year or so ago, they made the Dead Sea Salt bar for Halloween--you can read my review of that one here. This time, I have a Christmas version of the same 70 gram milk chocolate truffle bar base. The flavor is Hot Buttered Rum, which I thought sounded rather unique. 

My next question was, what exactly does Hot Buttered Rum mean? This isn't an alcohol-filled chocolate; in fact, there is no alcohol in it at all. I've had rum, but never hot buttered rum (really, who has?). So what kind of flavor exactly are they going for? The fine print is a hint: "with toffee bits." Ah, so is this just a regular toffee chocolate under a cool-sounding, unique name?

Fortunately, not really. There is a hint of an alcohol taste to the chocolate, despite there not being any alcohol in it. I suspect it's due to a high dosage of vanilla, which is itself practically alcohol, anyway. The toffee bits are on the big size, about the size of cacao nibs, and they're rather good. They have a very sweet, very caramel, and very vanilla flavor about them. Together with the vanilla-y chocolate, it does create a buttery flavor.

Let's get one thing straight: I still consider this more of a candy bar than a chocolate bar, despite it being more than a dollar. The chocolate is okay but not great and there is nothing truffle-like about it. But candy is quite welcome during the holidays and the cold weather; I had this bar as a stocking stuffer, and it did quite well as such. It's small enough that it can disappear in a couple of sittings without sticking around for extra analyzation. Just something sweet to enjoy on a winter evening. 

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