Saturday, January 31, 2015

January Favorites

1) Downton Abbey - I used to say I didn't like Downton Abbey that much, but since then I've watched it again and again with other people and now I've come to have a certain fondness for it. It's become like a cult series: I can walk around saying things like, "I wish Anna were here to clean the house, " or, "Daisy, make us some tea." Once you get to know all the characters, it's fun to guess what they'll do next or laugh at their eccentricities. I've just finished Season 5--a post with some thoughts will be coming soon.

2) Sur la Table Apron - It was about time I got an apron. I realized I needed one at Thanksgiving, so I took the chance when Sur La Table had their aprons at half off. Speaking of, the color and pattern of this one make me feel like Daisy when I wear it. What's nice is that it's pretty while still being neutral, without frilly patterns or bright colors.

3) Libri Mutti Beauty and the Beast Journal - While this journal's cover is like paper instead of some sturdier material, it's absolutely gorgeous, anyway. Pale pink, faded gold page edges, and that story for the cover. Lovely, lovely.

4) Born Brown Leather Flats - Well, actually I haven't really even worn these anywhere yet. It's been cooler weather, so I've still been wearing boots or other closed shoes. But I was needing a new pair of flats. I'm hoping they'll be sturdy and comfortable (though it's hard to tell with flats before you've walked around a lot in them), and the brown color is the right neutral for my wardrobe.

5) Green Monogrammed Notebook - Yes, yes, I had a bit of Christmas money to spend at Anthropologie, so I also got this notebook there. I don't usually like monograms, but letters seem to make more sense on a book, and it was green with the letter for my last name, so I couldn't help but to get it.

6) Vintage White Hat - Ah, antique stores. I was helping someone look for a furniture piece and happened on this nine dollar hat, so why not? It's been perching on my bookcase, making me want to wear it out to a spring tea party--if only it were spring and I had a tea party to go to.

7) Les Marquis de Laduree Chocolate Book - In addition to the two notebooks, I found this chocolate book on the sale shelves. Although I'm not really familiar with the company and so far don't feel overly awed by the recipes included in the book, there are some informative sections on chocolate and some very nice pictures. Even just as a book to flip through (or look at its pretty white cover), it was a nice find.

8) Fossil Wallet - I hate women's wallets. Really, I do. Most of them take up far too much space, and many of them don't even hold that much for all the space that they take up. (There are some small ones, but those hold absolutely nothing.) And too many are in crazy colors that I don't care for. So I bought a men's secretary wallet. It's brown leather (my favorite neutral), it's thin, and it fits lots of cards and things. Why didn't I do this sooner?

9) Star Wars Costumes: The Original Trilogy - I had the costume book for the prequel trilogy already. When this one came out, it was time to complete the set. I may not read a huge amount of non-fiction, but I do love movie books.

10) Level 99 Cuffed Cargo Shorts in Dark Grey (Anthropologie) - I hate trying on shorts and pants and from all the exciting clothing items, paying $80 for a pair of shorts is far from exciting. But I have one pair of denim Level 99 shorts that I love, and this time I got these dark grey linen shorts. They fit right and look nice and summer will be here in the blink of an eye, and despite the price tag, I know I'll be happy with them.

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