Wednesday, January 1, 2020

On New Year's Day

It's funny. I wasn't planning on staying up on New Year's Eve. I thought it might disrupt my schedule too much to stay up late and then wake up late. And then even though I did stay up, I still woke up naturally before eight. It wasn't even time for the Rose Parade yet.

Once it was time, I did watch that, though. The normally generic themes felt different this year. The Power of Hope. Now that's a New Year's theme. And if I may repeat how they describe it: "Hope is dignity and respect, joy and happiness, aspiration and achievement." Yes, exactly. Dignity in yourself as well as respect for others because if we have these then we will believe that we are deserving of good things. Joy and happiness because they are two different concepts--and we can have both. Aspiration and achievement because the one leads to the other and helps us appreciate when we do get to the moment of achievement and helps spur us on to continue achieving even more.

And then I went to the Desert Botanical Garden. Lots of people out there today of course since we're still in winter break but there were also many people out in the streets and parks. People hiking and walking and riding their bikes and picnicking. The day was gorgeous. We've been having a lot of winter storms lately with clouds, colder weather, and rain. But today it was sunny and almost warm. No wonder everyone wanted to get outside and embrace the new year.

It's just another day. The sun may run on a certain schedule, but the sun doesn't know that we call today January 1st. The quail may know that it's winter, but they don't know that it's January 1st. We know that it is January 1st, but we also know that it's really just another day in our lives. So my point is that we have the power to make a day into a turning point. 

We can, at any point, stop and look at where we are and realize that we want to start fresh, that we want to do better than we have been, that we want to make changes. 

Happy New Year.

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