Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Victoria the Beautiful T-Rex

Victoria the T-Rex is currently next to the Victorian house the Rosson House. These are the things that amuse me.

I am referring, of course, to the traveling exhibit that is currently at the Arizona Science Center. These traveling exhibits are great for the museum. I hadn't been there since I was eleven years old until I decided to go see the Pompeii exhibit a year or two ago. And now I was back again already for Victoria. The changing exhibits give families a chance to make a yearly visit and give adults an excuse to go, too.

And of course when there are dinosaurs involved, I'm in.

Victoria is certainly a beauty. While the exhibit is mainly just built around one skeleton, they did try and bulk it out a little with a cool intro video, a couple of interactive features, and an exit walk through a dark and jungley path. And we are looking at a more current approach to dinosaurs here. (Honestly, they keep discovering new things every day that I'm still skeptical about how much we actually know, but I guess that's beside the point.) Even when you look at Victoria herself. You can see the horizontal line her spine and tail make that's parallel with the ground versus that Godzilla posture of yesteryear. You can see the much wider ribcage whose shape is in fact a very new realization. And the text and interactive things had info not just about feathers but also about what kind of feathers a dinosaur like the T-Rex probably had.

Obviously, of course, if you just walk straight through, you'll be done in two minutes. But if you take the time to check out Victoria and her awesome bone structure, take some pictures with her, look at the interactive displays, and enjoy the little jungle walk, it's a nice time. Dinosaurs hit that sweet spot between science and fantasy and that's kind of what the exhibit aimed for, too.

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