Monday, May 11, 2020

Inside or Outside of the Glass?

It's crazy watching the short film Bubble Wrapped from Keychain Productions/Andrew Lee Potts again. Was it really made ten years ago? It could have been made today.

The film shows a woman who has literally bubble wrapped herself into her house to quarantine herself from a virus; her significant other shows up at the door but she's afraid to let him in because of the risk of catching it from him. Sound familiar?

There's a great twist to it that I don't want to spoil completely (so just go ahead and watch the video now, eh?), but what is also reminiscent of current times is the constant questioning. On one side you hear this; on the other side you hear that. One person is inside the glass and one person is outside the glass, but who is actually safer?

There are obvious correlations to the current situation in the world. But can we take that a step further? What keeps you safe and what puts you in danger? Do you really always know? What keeps those you love safe and what harms them? Do our intentions really always play out the way we mean them to? As in situations like the following. You go on a quiet hike instead of risking a concert after hearing about shootings at big events--but you end up in the small percentage of people who are attacked by a mountain lion. You read a book before bed instead of watching a scary movie and have nightmares about something that happened in the book. You take your family out to dinner and you all get food poisoning. Etc. Add to the list.

We never know the results of our choices. Even the most certain things are uncertain. If I make a right turn, I will end up in that parking lot. No, that car is going to hit you and you'll never make it into the parking lot. I sound so pessimistic but it isn't all bad; these can go in the opposite direction, as well. Something that you think can only be bad can turn out to be good. The point is, we never really see the complete picture. There is an entire orchestration of events going on that we only have a small glimpse of as we make our daily choices.

Because we never do know how things might turn out, how events might flip around, it is best to simply try and make the best decisions we can and live as wholeheartedly as we may. Because you never know, when you try and be the one inside the glass, you might actually turn out to be the one on the outside.

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