Wednesday, July 1, 2020


In the interest of not seeming like I am becoming solely a chocolate blog, I thought I'd best put out something besides weekly chocolate reviews (I almost just put out two reviews this week rather than post about anything else). I have not been posting much because I simply have not known what to write--and sometimes have not had either the inclination or the energy for it.

I'm serious about the energy part. I've been saying, I'm exhausted, at least a couple times a day for the past week--and not because I have been exerting anymore energy than usual. While that would make for a topic, one likes not to write about things publicly until one has something more complete to share and can then decide what exactly to say. Suffice to say that I may have the virus to thank for not rushing out to have surgery before considering other options.

Emotionally we've all been all over the place, except that I'm always all over the place emotionally. I'll talk about my emotions by proxy in public spaces like this blog. That is, I'll say how I felt going to a certain place or reading a certain book or watching a certain show, etc. Reading between the lines probably says a lot about where I'm at at any given time, but I don't go outright and say much.

I have been reading more again, so you'd think that might give me something to post about. But I'm reading a lot of movie books and that sort of thing and usually those don't make for good discussion topics. For a while, all I was watching was YouTube or Wishbone (that wonderful 90's children's show with the Jack Russell Terrier who would draw parallels with what was happening with his middle-school owner and with classic literature).

I guess I've just been overwhelmed and mentally tired. And now that I'm feeling physically tired, I'm feeling better mentally, isn't that funny? I feel content and happy and hopeful. I feel more myself again. I've been floating around through the spaces between tree leaves and all the way back down to the tree roots deep in the ground, that's where I've been. And now I find myself sitting above the ground, with my back against the tree; the tree feels nice, something strong and sturdy.

So maybe now there can be more posts again besides just the chocolate reviews. And don't worry, those won't stop. There are already a few in queue.

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