Thursday, July 4, 2013

In Celebration

Forgive me if I do go overboard, but in celebration of the Fourth of July (Independence Day, that is), I'd like to go over a few memories from the past year. Let's start with images from last year:
Then there came the stormy monsoon season.
Along with a friendly visit to Fort Verde; this is one of the upstairs bedrooms.
Must not forget Sedona and its Red Rocks.
With Thanksgiving came a multitude of my favorite, turkeys. 
December brought cold and an evening trip to Prescott to walk around the Square and admire the lights on the Courthouse. 
February saw clear skies and a sprinkling of sunshine.
Spring Break took me to the enchanting Mission Inn in Riverside, CA.
We must not exclude a picture from Disneyland (California Adventure, actually). You're cool if you know where this picture was taken.
Visiting dinosaurs in the Discovery area of the Natural History Museum.
Saying goodbye to the outside of the main library at ASU.
While I'm at it, here's graduation.
That's enough of pictures of me. Here's a tiger at Out of Africa heading back to its habitat.
And here's a baby turkey.
Here it is a little older, in what I call the dinosaur stage (with chickens it's the alien stage).
And here's a different bird swimming in the ocean. 
Sunset Crater, up in Flagstaff. 
 Now let's finish with a branch reaching away from the obsidian and basalt encrusted earth toward the sky.
I promise, I'm done now. Happy Fourth. 

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