Wednesday, April 9, 2014

In Memoriam

There will be some spoilers up to the current episode of Once Upon a Time.

You know, it's really sad. Anything is always possible in Once Upon a Time, so a character who dies might come back or turn out to have not really died or simply show up again in flashbacks. You just never really know. But after watching the latest death take place, I learned that, earlier in the year, they had announced that someone in the main cast would be dying. True, this character may not in fact be Bae; he might still come back and someone else might die instead. Or maybe he will only be dead for the rest of the season, and they'll bring him back later. It's all possible. But the fact is, his character is dead now--and I find that very sad.

There have been deaths before. Graham and Cora, and essentially Pinocchio (well, Pinocchio's still alive, but August is gone). Deaths do tend to make a show feel more real (although Once doesn't really need to pretend it's "real, real," anyway). Ever since I found out that Neal was Baelfire, I started to like him. So on one level, it's sad to see his character go. But my sadness is also something completely different. I'm sad for him.

If Bae is truly and forever dead, he had a terrible life. His mother abandoned him when he was young, then his father betrayed and abandoned him, then when he had just found family again with the Darlings he was taken away to Neverland, back in our world he found happiness with Emma only to have that taken away when August showed up, Tamara played him, his evil grandfather Peter Pan tried to kill his son, his father died, and then any chance of future happiness with Emma and Henry was taken away when he himself died.

Two hundred years of living and anything he ever loved was corrupted or taken away from him. Life sucks, and then you die? Poor Bae. If this is how his story ends, he never got to live a fairy tale. If he dies this way and when the show ends, it has a happy ending, I will be sad.

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