Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Annie's: Chocolate Bunny Grahams

I've been a longtime fan of Annie's Homegrown for their Cheddar Bunnies (do be careful, though: they come in both Organic and non-Organic versions), which have forever replaced Goldfish and the like. Annie's makes a lot of things for children and specifically for children's lunch bags. While that is all good and well, it does mean that when you're a certain age, you feel odd buying the brand more than occasionally--or buying more than one type of product from them. So it was a while until I tried the Chocolate Bunny Grahams. 

The packet here is one of the snack sizes, as you can see. It's up against my small Life Factory water bottle. The design is basically the same as with the Cheddar Bunnies, just in shades of brown. These bunnies have a different shape from the cheddar ones, though, and I find it oddly suiting the brown color. The orange bunnies are all happy and leaping; these are warm and cuddled. Anyway. The reason that I decided even to do a review of these was not because of the bunny shapes, but because this is a chocolate product that does in fact taste like chocolate--and that's too often a rare thing. 

No, they're not rich and decadent: they're not intended to be. They're light and crunchy, like thin and flat biscuits, halfway between a cracker and a cookie. Although the ambiguous "chocolate flavor" is among the ingredients, further up is cocoa, and I think it is the cocoa that I taste, along with some sugar and vanilla. For a simple snacking product, the flavor really is quite good. Not all the ingredients are organic, but the main ones are, so it's enough for this package to say it's certified organic. The main thing is, there aren't any artificial flavors, synthetic colors, or synthetic preservatives, so there is some degree of monitoring of what goes inside. And that comes through in the flavor. If, for whatever reason, you are buying products like this, whether often or occasionally, Annie's Chocolate Bunny Grahams are a good one to pick out of the crowd. 

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