Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Anastasia Confections: Chocolate Gator & Gummi Gators

It's a wonder that I remain so thin. I never skip a meal, and here I was all morning, sitting at my desk and typing away and eating candy. I don't eat a lot of processed food, but I love candy.

I also love such friends as will bring me back candy from a trip to Florida. So the candy that I have been eating and the candy that they brought me back is this Chocolate Gator and Gummi Gators box, made by Anastasia Confections in Orlando. Given that it's all candy, this isn't really a proper chocolate view--but I'm just so excited about alligator candy that I had to at least do an almost review.

The thin cardboard box comes covered in clear wrap. When you lift this away, the box opens up from the top, which is a lid that can close again to let you finish the candy in as many sittings as you like. That's convenient, but what's kind of odd is that the chocolate alligator is covered in a clear plastic, form-fitting cover. Presumably it's to keep the gummy candy from melting against the chocolate--and maybe even to keep the chocolate alligator in its shape even if you leave it in a little too much sun. Practical, except when you want to start eating everything together. 

So I lifted up the plastic, to find that it was sealed onto a sheet of clear wrap that you have to peel away. The alligator free, I tried to rearrange the gummies all around it again. That seems like the funnest way to eat everything: chocolate and gummy gators together. Given the size of it all, it could be a fun thing to share while you're out on vacation--or to keep for yourself to eat at your desk like I'm doing.

The chocolate's a little better than I was expecting, though still a pretty standard candy-level milk chocolate. Since the alligator is solid, there are no empty air spaces, which is kind of nice. And the gummy candy is also standard, though absolutely adorable. I feel like I have a beautiful present box in front of me for how excited I am. And just look at that adorable reptile, all carved in chocolate and smiling, surrounded by its green and red and yellow little buddies. I haven't been this excited over a novelty chocolate since the huge chocolate salmon from Dilettante. My precious little alligator; I think I'll adopt it as my pet--until I'm finished eating it, that is. 

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