Monday, October 5, 2020

Dragons in the House

Sylvia has been wanting me to put up her favorite Bible verse, Psalm 148:7. Gotta love the King James Version for still using the word "dragon." (And if you find that this word delegitimizes the Bible, look up "dragon" in a pre-1950's dictionary. It only became a fantasy-only word in the last few decades. Which is why the King James Version, while my favorite in a lot of ways, is also fairly out of date as far as diction, and this is of course why they continue to make new Bible translations with more modern vocabulary.)

The little wooden plaque is from Michael's; it was less than two dollars after tax and it comes with the little hanging string, so it's a good buy for random projects like this. I liked that it was wood so that I could just add the painted text without needing to also paint the whole background. Sylvia seemed pleased with how it turned out.

Right now, it just hangs with Sylvia's lights. I did want it on the wall because it would also go well with the artwork I have there, but I'm not sure if I have the right space for it. The art is from Carolyn Schmitz of Prescott. She does these wonderful pieces of animals wearing jewelry and hats composed of desert elements: cactus pads, mesquite pods, devil's claw, rattlesnake rattles, scorpions, etc. Beautiful and silly at the same time. Classy whimsy, if you will. Perfect for someone who sticks up Bible verses about dragons above her bearded dragon's house. 

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