Thursday, April 19, 2012

1611 King James Bible

Last year, I discovered 400th Anniversary Edition of the 1611 King James Bible on Amazon; reviews were unanimously amazed that it was for under ten dollars. I got excited, but when I finally was ready to buy it, it was no longer available for that price, so I turned disappointed instead.

But, thanks to my Amazon Wish List, I recently saw it at the same low price again (keeping an eye on prices is what that Wish List is wonderful for . . . ), so here it is:

I had a nerdy moment when first flipping through the pages. The text is, naturally, difficult to read since it is thick and squiggly with "s's" like "f's" and other such complications from the old typeface. But most people don't buy something like this to read every word, anyway. However, if you do sift through the pages, there are original marginal notes included, some of which are rather interesting bits on the translation and the meanings of certain words. And there are some prettily-designed genealogies in the front that are intriguing to look at.

Once I can find a place for it, I'd like to have this book sitting open somewhere (since, as you can see, the cover isn't special--there is also a leather version, but it's naturally more expensive), sort of like how I have my Unabridged Dictionary. But for now, it's just a nice piece to have and ponder over.

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