Saturday, April 21, 2012

Keychain Productions

Circling for Primeval interviews on YouTube and fact bits on Wikipedia, I discovered the existence of Keychain Productions, whose director is Andrew-Lee Potts/Primeval's Connor Temple.

Most fortunately, they have a YouTube channel, where you can view their short films. They're very artsy types of videos, which is what I like about watching things like this every so often. It's a different perspective (from Hollywood) to what camera angles, color, and editing mean. They're smaller expressions of more . . .

My favorite is definitely the Little Lilly series, starring Hannah Spearritt. The first video especially is wonderfully poignant and beautiful. I do wish the series hadn't stopped at three videos; that last one brought things into a new scope that I'd love to explore. The next piece I most enjoyed was Bubble Wrapped. Again, it has innovative use of angles and color and emotion. The only problem is that half of the dialogue was difficult to hear, but it was otherwise nicely put together. Some of these films (or should I say most of them?) have a definite dark side to them, yet it isn't just dark--it's in contrast to light. That theme comes back around to the physical lighting and color. Which, I repeat, is very nice to watch when many films (not all) don't focus on this type of symbolic outlook anymore.


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