Thursday, April 19, 2012

Breaking Dawn Movie Companion

I can't believe it took me so long to get to this book. Although I love behind the scenes on movies, a good amount of the movies I'm interested in don't actually get movie companions, so when they do, I snatch them up. Yet here I am barely going over this book in April when it came out in December.

I was expecting a sort of downhill surge to happen on this book, with it ending up the weakest of the Twilight movie companions. At 140-150 pages or so, it certainly isn't long or terribly extensive. And after my pessimistic post about the movie itself, we all know the movie addressed in the book wasn't my favorite.

But, short or not, this movie companion happily doesn't have too much fluff. It starts off in the usual sort of way with some plot exposition and has bits interspersed throughout, but mostly keeps to explaining how things were done, mainly by giving quotes from the crew. So there are some nice technical and artistic explanations, along with a few brief making-of stories. Some of my favorites were about the filming of the wedding ceremony and how they achieved Bella's emaciated look in the second half of the movie.

Reading movie companions always makes me better appreciate the final product (the film, of course), this situation included despite my still-not-particularly-thrilled attitude toward the movie. I am amused, though, that the book is marked as having an exclusive Q&A with Stephenie Meyer: that particular section is only two pages. It had interesting comments, but wasn't such a big deal as the label makes it out to be.

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