Monday, April 23, 2012

Campus Ramblings

It's story time today.

So I got to campus a little early today since I had one or two things to do before class. Those done, I found I was getting hungry, or at least I knew I would be after sitting through two classes. So I found myself something to snack on and headed toward some shady benches near my first class's building.

But the benches were gone.

You see, they're replaced a lot of the cement benches and picnic tables with some of a new material that looks like metal but doesn't heat up in the sun (try sitting on a cement bench in Phoenix while wearing shorts or a short skirt . . .). This corner of campus wasn't part of that switch months ago, but more recently they removed a group of picnic tables . . . and didn't replace them. I would hope that the plan is to replace them eventually, but in the meantime, a nice lunch spot is gone. The shady benches I was looking for are right by where these tables used to be; when they tables were removed, they stayed (right? I think they did . . .). So I lost my shady spot to sit, even though I didn't really have time to walk too far to find a new spot. Note that it reached 100 today, so not any sunny bench would do for even just a few minutes (at least, I didn't feel like that much sun today).

I ended up in a spot nearby, but still I find that rather unkind of my university to take away my poor snacking bench.

Another event caught my interest, this time from my second class. Although finals don't officially start until Thursday, we were taking ours today for this class. After we got our tests, the professor walked out for a few minutes to go to her office. While she was gone, nobody talked, passed around answers, or did anything out of the ordinary. Why is that?--the question endlessly amuses me. Even just a high school class would at least have to giggle at the prospect of being able to cheat, even if they did nothing more. But we, I suppose, had no reason to react. By asking for an answer, you would probably only be able to add a point or two to your score, anyway; there wouldn't be much point. And if you need more help than just a quick question, you're going to do badly no matter what. And even just a quick comment is pointless; it also takes time, and we all want to finish quicker rather than slower so that we can leave (high school students have to stay the whole class time, anyway). Not that I finished any more than three or four minutes early . . . but I got an A+ on my mid-term, so speed isn't my main object.

Just curious ramblings about my day. Now a shout of excitement that I only have a final project to finish, a final paper, one final, and another writing assignment/project before I can submit to summer. Just four more things to do . . .

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