Sunday, April 22, 2012

"Walking With Giants"

A few months ago, I mentioned the new Blondfire single "Where the Kids Are." Though we're all still in waiting for the full album, there is another single available called "Walking With Giants." Of the two, I would probably say that the first is better, but that isn't to say anything against this new one. It continues along with the airy, indie pop sound and recognizable Blondfire lyrics. Have I talked much about Blondfire's lyrics? I know that years ago I dug into one song at least. What I like is that, even though their lyrics can be repetitive like with many artists, they're fun lyrics. They have that crossover between fantasy and reality, I guess you could say. They're light without being frivolous.

"Walking With Giants" is a visual song. I remember comparing "Into the Sea" to some works by C.S. Lewis, so I can't help but continue with that and pair this new song with The Silver Chair. You know, the giants? But (no surprise) it also reminds me of my current obsession, Primeval. [Once again, I feel the need to give a spoiler warning.] "We're walking with the giants" can stand both for the creatures the characters face and for the authority/mentor figures some of them have (Cutter, Philip Burton, etc.). "The bigger they come, the harder they fall" reminds me quite a bit of Helen; she had her grand and insane plans, but in the end quite literally fell to her death. "You and me, we're larger than life" goes to Connor and Abby, of course--particularly on their return from the Cretaceous. "Everything is better with a little love in your life" describes them perfectly, so theirs is the empowerment theme in the song.

Maybe this is why I love Blondfire--their songs are simple, but I can keep listening to them again and again, reinterpreting and forming my own stories to go with the lyrics. Now when does that new album come out?

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