Friday, July 20, 2012

Dream On

You know what I would love? I would love it if a Primeval movie finally became green lit and Hannah Spearritt and Andrew-Lee Potts were in it and if The Hillywood Show parodied the movie. I would be overwhelmed by excitement if such things came into being (which they won't, which is why I must "dream on").

Of course, a Primeval movie is a possibility. If Primeval: New World (the Canadian spin-off) does well and they get a good script and director, it's probably very possible. But it probably wouldn't feature the original British cast--unless fans all rally together and show how much we love the original cast, maybe? While The Hillywood Show has worked with one or two TV shows (The Vampire Diaries and 21 Jump Street), it is unlikely that they would do another one that does not have at least a medium amount of popularity in the US. So the original series is pretty much out--New World isn't a possibility, either, until it at least gets picked up by a US network (seriously, shouldn't that have happened by now?). But I think if a movie did happen, it might turn out well enough that it would have a good theatre presence even with people previously unfamiliar with either the original or spin-off show. But even then, I don't know if Hillywood would choose it: the CG creature element poses an obvious problem.

But if such a parody happened, here is what it would be fun to see. Hillary I would love to see playing Helen, Jess, and/or Connor. Hannah would be great both as Abby and Emily. Drew Lorentz could come in to play Lester or Matt or Becker. (And they could paint Bartok [their mouse-like chihuahua who was in both the Harry Potter and Hunger Games parodies] green to play Rex...just kidding.) Actually, it's the first two castings I like most: Hilly as Helen and Hannah as Abby. For Helen, Hilly could continue with some of Katherine's "half evil" character from "The Vampire Diaries Parody." And Hannah could take Abby's kickboxing and turn it into a dance number, especially if they focused on Episode 2.4 (the infamous mer-creature episode). If they did that episode, Aria Love Jackson (who was Bonnie in "The Vampire Diaries Parody") could come back to play Caroline. And now that I'm on the subject of that parody, Nick Strong (who played Damon) could probably pass for Connor.

Sigh. I'm ridiculous.

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